Livet, one of my allies

Livet and I had a hugh discussion about personal coaching. Taking someones image is about coaching that person to be able to get that special persons light. I think I coached her right, cause Livet became a queen on theese images, a queen in war, ready to do just anything. Thats how I see her.

Clara och Carl

Att porträttera Clara, Carl och Henrik
har varit ett projekt som pågått mer eller
mindre hela hösten, resultatet blev lika
tindrande som Clara, Carl
och Henrik själva.


Niina och Adam

To photograph weddings is like getting a key, an acess to two lovers private sphere. To two humans personal world. To two lovers that have decided that they want to take their relationship to a higher level.
Its quite a honor. My work is to observ, bend, turn, twist and portray that certain feeling, to catch that sparkle that makes two people wanna live togheter forever. Of course I have the hole tradition of classic wedding photograhy to respect. I wanna do that with love, and a bit of personal touch.